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Storage Rentals of America helps plumbers protect tools and trucks more securely and run their business more effectively with added convenience.

The Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage units extend the life of your tools and equipment, especially in hot and cold climates. Tools, equipment, and metal repair parts, which are exposed to weather that is hot and humid can easily rust and quickly deteriorate.

Moreover, the negative effects of storing equipment in cold climates include that metal or plastic parts become brittle. In cold weather, equipment that runs using a motor may experience troubles because oil becomes thick sludge and lubrication is not as effective. Using equipment when it is very cold can cause it to break because of the sudden change in temperature.

Plumbers make a significant investment in tools and equipment that are better cared for when stored in a climate-controlled environment. It is always better to have tools and equipment stored at the proper temperature, to be ready for use, no matter what the outside weather conditions are like.

Cost-Efficiency for Storage Space

Storage units are available in many sizes so that plumbers can choose the amount of space that they need. Space demands may change, depending on the business. It is easier to adjust storage space needs using Storage Rentals of America than it is to make a long-term lease commitment to warehouse space.

Cost comparisons between storage space at Storage Rentals of America and warehouse space usually show that storage space is less expensive per square foot than warehouse space, especially if a large portion of the warehouse is not used.

Increased Protection by Improved Security

Security is provided for storage units that are monitored on a 24-hour, seven days per week, basis. Entry to the storage facilities is controlled and the entire storage building and surrounding grounds are under constant video surveillance.

Plumbers can be confident in the security provided to protect their tools and equipment. At Storage Rentals of America security is a high priority and the staff monitors everything constantly by using the best practices for securing the storage facility.

The Convenience of Centralized Locations

Choosing storage units that are close to areas where plumbers find work is a more effective way to have equipment and supplies on hand to use at the job sites. Plumbers often need specialized items to complete a specific job. When they go to a job for the first time they learn the repairs that need to be made and then determine the replacement parts necessary to do the work.

It is nearly impossible to carry all the required tools and repair parts that might be needed for all general plumbing repairs. This is why having a storage unit nearby can be very helpful. This makes it easier to get the things needed to do the job.

Many successful plumbers have storage units strategically placed near areas where they get jobs. This saves enormous amounts of time that might otherwise be wasted going back and forth in heavy traffic to get items from a plumber’s warehouse that is located far away.

Storage for Work Trucks

Storage Rentals of America not only offers many sizes of storage units for equipment, tools, and plumbing supplies; they also offer secured storage for work trucks. This protects the trucks from inclement weather. Just like having tools and equipment nearby for jobs, having a work truck safely stored near jobs is also more convenient.

Plumbers who utilize the services of Storage Rentals of America improve their operations by taking better care of tools and equipment, spend less money on storage space, have needed things close to job sites, and increase the security protection of their valuable assets including work trucks.

We’re Your Storage Solution!

Storage Rentals of America is your convenient self-storage solution. We have storage unit facilities across Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, New Jersey, and South Carolina. So come into our office or give our storage experts a call. Our call center is available 7 days a week and can help determine which storage unit size best fits your unique storage situation.