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The Youngstown Air Reserve Station is on the northeastern side of the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport. This is a beautiful rural area east of Warren, Ohio. It is a perfect place to have a small family farm and raise kids with a relaxed country lifestyle.

It is about 10 miles east of Warren and 11 miles north of Youngstown. For many square miles north of the Youngstown Air Reserve Station, there is verdant farmland.

Warren, Ohio is a small town with a population of only 41,558 (2010 census). Youngstown has around 66,982 people. The beautiful Mahoning River runs through Youngstown and Warren. This area is halfway between Chicago and New York City in the heartland of America.

The best neighborhoods near the Youngstown Air Reserve Station are:

  • Vienna Center
  • Venice Heights
  • Tyrrell
  • Fowler

Vienna Center Neighborhood

Vienna Center is adjacent to the airport on its southern side. There is a mobile home park on Highway 193 for those interested in living in a mobile or manufactures home. Continuing further south, you will find a scattering of fast-food restaurants, banks, a few churches, and small stores. A few miles further south you will run into Highway 82 that you take to drive west to downtown Warren.

Home Styles in Vienna Center

Homes in this area are on very large lots with many acres of land. There are simple farmhouses mostly with a few large luxury homes mixed in. Just around 4,000 people live in Vienna Center.

Housing Prices in Vienna Center

In this neighborhood, homes sell for a median price of $137,208. The rental prices are about $715 per month for a modest home.

Thing To Do in Vienna Center

Families enjoy spending time outdoors going for a cross-country hike, having a picnic, or enjoying horseback riding. There is some fishing to try your luck at small lakes. The area is lush with mature trees and wide, grassy meadows. Golfers can play a round at the Squaw Creek-Avalon Golf and Country Club that is just south of Highway 82 towards Youngstown.

Venice Heights Neighborhood

This neighborhood contains a township called the Howland Center, which is a desirable area to consider if you are looking to buy a house.

Home Styles in Venice Heights

Many enlisted military personnel and their families live in this neighborhood. There are colonial style homes, cottages, bungalows, and Craftsman houses. A building boom occurred in the area starting in the 1950s that continued up to around 1999.

Housing Prices in Venice Heights

Homes in this area sell for a median price of $235,066. The average rental price of a home is $1,164 per month.

Things to Do in Venice Heights

Golfers enjoy two courses, which are the Avalon Lakes Golf Course and Old Avalon Golf Course. In Howland Center, there is a magnificent public green area called the Howland Township Park with playgrounds and picnic areas. It is nice to visit the Butler Institute of American Art in Howland Center.

This area is close to downtown Warren, which has many nice attractions. In Warren explore the Sutliff Museum, National Packard Museum, and the Trumbull Art Gallery. Enjoy an event at the W. D. Packard Music Hall or the Riverwalk-Amphitheatre.


Tyrrell is an unincorporated rural area established in 1878 with a post office that was the center point of the area until it closed in 1930. This area is east of the Youngstown Air Reserve Station. It is mostly farmland and forests.

Home Styles near Tyrrell

Farmhouses dot the landscape of Tyrrell every few hundred acres or so. Many are rundown and now left abandoned to the weeds. If you buy land in this area, you may also get a farmhouse along with the land, which is badly in need of repair. Large commercial farm operations replaced most of the small family farms that were in abundance before the 1930s.

Housing Prices near Tyrrell

The median price of a home, with five acres of farmland, in this neighborhood is $166,160. Homes rent for about $732 per month. The rents in this area, are lower than found in most other parts of Ohio.

Things To Do Near Tyrrell

Most people who live in this area enjoy farming and gardening to stay busy. There are not many attractions. Hunting is a popular pastime. During the Christmas holiday, you can take the family to cut down a live Christmas tree from the Bradley Tree farm.

Fowler Neighborhood

Fowler is the area north of the Youngstown Air Reserve Station. There are lots of farms, tree forests, and open green spaces. If you go towards Mosquito Lake, on the western side, then the houses are closer together, built on smaller lots. This area is Cortland. It has a nice public library, the Trumbull County Courthouse, and the Trumbull County campus of Ohio State University.

Home Styles in Fowler

In Fowler, there are farmhouses in the eastern section. As you drive west to enter Cortland, there are mostly tract homes developed in the 1960s and 1970s.

Housing Prices in Fowler

The median price that a house sells for in Fowler is around $155,000. You can rent a decent home for about $800 per month.

Things to Do in Fowler

Fowler is close to Mosquito Lake State Park, which is an exciting place to go camping, boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, and enjoy all manner of outside activities. There is the Mosquito Lake Wilderness Area at the northern edge of the lake that is terrific to explore.

Families may take a day-trip by boating up one side of the lake going north and then, come back down south on the other side. Wine tasting is enjoyable at the Country Porch Winery. A nice golf course is the Tamer Win Golf & Country Club.

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