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Otterbein University is located in Westerville, Ohio. Westerville is a northern suburb of Columbus, Ohio about 15 miles from the center of downtown Columbus. The Otterbein University is about one mile northeast of the lovely Sharon Woods, which is a 761-acre nature preserve with lakes, forests, and open meadows.

Students, who like to be close to the university campus, look for an apartment to rent or a house to share with roommates in the closest surrounding neighborhoods.

The neighborhoods around the university include Sharps to the north, Knoxs and Sterling Glen to the northeast, Tucker Corner, Westridge Estates, and Grangefield to the east, Elmwood to the south, and River Trace to the west.


Sharps and the areas around the intersection of Mackstown and Victory Camp to the north of the Otterbein University campus are popular with college students.

Homes and Apartments

This neighborhood and other areas to the north of Otterbein University have large- and medium-sized rental homes with three to five bedrooms. College students share these homes as roommates. There are also some apartments offered for rent from studios to three bedrooms.

Housing Prices

The constant flow of students looking for a rental place makes the average rent in this area very high at $1,697, which is higher than 97% of all other Ohio communities.

Things To Do

Sharps is the neighborhood adjacent to the Otterbein University’s Campus Center, Memorial Stadium, Pike Center, and the Clements Recreation Center. Most of the activities enjoyed by students who live in this area are on the university campus. If they live close enough in Sharps, they can walk to the school.

Knoxs and Sterling Glen

Going towards the northeast from the Otterbein University campus one finds the Knoxs and Sterling Glen neighborhoods.

Homes and Apartments for Rent

Many of the homes in this area are owner-occupied. Rental homes can be as large as five bedrooms, which students can share. There are apartments and townhouses too but the demand exceeds the supply.

Housing Prices

The vacancy rate in this area is near zero making the rents very high. The average rent is $1,733 per month and that is 97% higher than the rent paid in other Ohio communities, making this one of the most expensive places to rent a place in the state.

Things To Do

The Hoof Woods Park is a very large green space to the north that has lots of picnic areas, a playground for the kids, pickleball courts (a type of paddle ball), sand volleyball, baseball fields, basketball courts, and a large pond.

Tucker Corner, Westridge Estates, and Grangefield

All of these neighborhoods are towards the eastern side of the Otterbein University campus.

Homes and Apartments for Rent

The rental homes and apartments are in high demand in these neighborhoods.

Housing Prices

The average rent in these neighborhoods is $1,719, which is more expensive than the rent found in almost all other communities in Ohio. The homes are mostly luxury homes and this keeps the rental prices high.

Things To Do

A beautiful green space in this area is the Boyer Nature Preserve. Tennis players will enjoy the Community Tennis Complex next to the Westerville South High School.


This is the direction to head towards the south for those looking to pay lower rent. Just don’t go too far south as things can get sketchy in these areas to the south of the Otterbein University campus.

Homes and Apartments for Rent in the Elmwood Neighborhood

There are more houses for rent, apartment complexes, and high-rise apartment buildings in this neighborhood than found in other neighborhoods close to Otterbein University.

Housing Pricing in the Elmwood Neighborhood

This area is not as nice as other neighborhoods close to the university; however, the rent averages only $930 per month. This is a bargain when compared to other more costly areas that have higher rents, which are up to twice this amount. The rent in this area is lower than 59% of other communities in Ohio. Try not to go too far south because the crime rate goes up as you get closer to northeast Columbus.

Things To Do in the Elmwood Neighborhood

Elmwood has the Alum Creek Park North that has a nice playground, Otterbein Lake, and the beautiful Astronaut Grove, which is a popular place for Pokémon Go players to hang out. Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game played with others by using your smartphone.

River Trace

Going west from the Otterbein University campus you find the River Trace neighborhood.

Homes and Apartments for Rent in the River Trace Neighborhood

Most of the real estate in this neighborhood is owner-occupied. There are single-family homes that have three to five bedrooms. You can find townhouses and duplexes. There are very few apartments for rent in this area. This neighborhood has mostly newer homes built since 2000.

Housing Prices in the River Trace Neighborhood

The average rent in this area is $1,766 per month. This amount is higher rent than what a person has to pay in 98% of the rest of the state. This is a very pricey area. Students who are lucky enough to find a home to share can expect to pay around $500 per month rent for a room with a shared bathroom in a big house. The vacancy rate is around 10% in this neighborhood so rental places are availble most of the time.

Things To Do in the River Trace Neighborhood

Paul S Metzger Park is on the western side of this neighborhood. It has multiple baseball/softball fields, outdoor basketball courts, and tennis courts. There are nice trails for running, walking, and bicycling. It is a family- and pet-friendly park. Heritage Park is another nice green space to the east that is in between this neighborhood and Sharps. The Westerville Community Center is just north of Heritage Park and offers many activities for all ages.

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