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Most know Augusta, Georgia as home to the Masters Golf Tournament. Families, retirees, and young professionals living here have a deeper appreciation of Georgia’s second-largest city. Comprised of more than 50 neighborhoods, the composition of Augusta’s population consists of 14 percent of retirees over the age of 65, and less than 25 percent under the age of 20, leaving over 60 percent of the residents somewhere in the middle.

Lifestyles in Augusta neighborhoods are trendy and range from city living to homestyle county. Residents can choose from small, quaint communities to large private acreage homes. Neighborhood communities are friendly, close-knit, active, and willing to offer a helping hand or a welcoming smile. Choose your mode of travel using modern-day roadways or enjoy a leisurely drive along a tranquil country route.

The surrounding neighborhoods listed have earned above-average ratings using measurable economic basics that define why these neighborhoods are preferred living locations. Sources like the U.S. News report the rankings for public safety, long and short-term economic stability and growth rates compared to the national rankings.

Levels of education for the area’s school performance relates to student accomplishments. The Augusta student-teacher ratio is 18:1, equating to higher graduation rates. In 2019, schools in Georgia landed in the top five with over 90 percent student participation in the advanced placement exams, awarding Augusta’s school education as slightly higher than the U.S. average. Thirty percent of adults 25 years and older have earned a bachelor’s degree and continued onto higher education.

Yesterday, Augusta’s history was part of America’ industrial and commerce development. Today this area is the center for medicine, manufacturing, and military, attracting visitors and newcomers as one of the best places to live.

Some of the nicest family neighborhoods in Augusta, Georgia are:

  • Central Business District
  • Augusta State U/ Walton Way
  • West Side Augusta
  • Country Club Hills
  • National Hills
  • North Augusta, South Carolina

Central Business District – Median real estate price is $186,650

Residents live in single-family homes, multiple-family unit complexes within proximity of commercial properties in Augusta’ Central Business District. Affordability scores in the area ranked above average safety ratings were average when compared with other communities in Augusta-Richmond County. Travel varies from walking, biking, or private vehicle to public transportation. There’s a strong sense of community when it comes to education as teachers, staff, and parent help students reach their full academic potential.

Augusta State U/ Walton Way – Median real estate price is $372,300

About a mile from the center of Augusta is a neighborhood known as Augusta State U/Walton Way. The area is composed of historical residences built in the late 1930s or earlier. The architecture styles share a glimpse of the past with its Colonial and Victorian-era homes. Newer family homes have carried on the traditional appearance while incorporating a touch of today’s modern conveniences matched to a family’s lifestyle. Families here hold a high value on education, and many believe this characteristic is linked to parent support and community involvement of school activities.

West Side Augusta – Median real estate price is $149,000

One and a half miles from Augusta is the West Side neighborhood. It’s a working community with over 60 percent of the households contributing to support the family’s cost of living. Lifestyles in this area are above average with an average safety rating for this small family and relatively quiet neighborhood. The proportion of school-aged children allow parents and students an opportunity to socialize and strengthen the community’s bonds. A significant attribute of the west side community is the graduating rate for high school students exceeding the national average by 15 percent.

Country Club Hills – Median real estate price is $179,454

Less than two miles north of Augusta is Country Club Hills, home to college students, families, and professionals. Here’s a neighborhood designed for walking and proud of its higher than average safety rating, making this community an excellent place to live, study and enjoy the bounties of working hard. Residents can choose among single-family homes and multiple-unit residences. You may hear the echoes coming from the Masters.

National Hills – Median real estate price is $141,186

Five miles north of Augusta and Country Club Hills is the neighborhood of National Hills. Active military personnel maintain a strong presence as residents, sharing similar qualities to its neighboring communities with above-average ratings for living and public safety. Following the state’s commitment to provide excellent education to all students, percentages of graduating students in National Hills is higher than the national average.

North Augusta, South Carolina – Median real estate price is $189,000

Less than four miles on the other side of the Savannah River is North Augusta, South Carolina. Even though it is physically in another state, it is part of the Augusta Georgia metropolitan area. It may share its name, but its residential demographics differ with a lower density. Other differences include higher affordability scores, cost of living, income earnings, and slightly lower safety averages. School-age children tested six percent higher than the national test scores, and some say it’s the teacher-student ratios. Graduating students surpassed the national rate by four percent.

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