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Bordering the city of Columbus, the third-largest city in Georgia is the Chattahoochee River. Today, there are more than 23 neighborhoods in Columbus, each urbanized to different degrees, while keeping its southern roots and hospitality. A mix of wooded landscapes and water activities offer an assortment of choices for individual adventures and family outings.

Within a 5-mile radius of Columbus family neighborhoods are keeping up with the area’s population growth and demand for more space. These neighborhoods are affordable lifestyles with average or better safety statistics. Residents choosing to make it home enjoy a daily commute time of 20 minutes or less.

Columbus schools play a vital role in the Georgia Milestones Assessment System assuring K-12 students learn the skills required in the state-adopted standards. Public schools in Georgia spend $11,021 per student, slightly below the national school expenditure of $12,383. In 2019, a Columbus high school was recognized for having a 96 percent student participation in the U.S. Advanced Placement (AP).

Affordability and preferences for living in these communities are calculated by using aspects of the current economy to determine a point-score for each community. Defining great places to live include location, community amenities, educational provisions, cost of living, transportation, and housing types.

Some of the nicest family neighborhoods in Columbus, Georgia are:

  • City Center
  • Dinglewood
  • Weracoba Heights
  • Rosehill
  • City Village
  • Clubview Heights /Hilton Heights
  • Boxwood Estates
  • Phenix City, Alabama

City Center – Medan home costs $131,100

Neighborhoods in the City Center are established with a mixture of residential styles and varying square footage. The area’s skylines are a blend of the past, today and tomorrow constructed and renovated to match the area’s way of life, occupations, and diverse households. The Chattahoochee Riverwalk and urban white-water tours remain the favorite choice of activities for residents. It’s a way of life that attracts professionals, singles, retirees, and young families.

Dinglewood – Median real estate price is $233,000

Less than two miles inland from Columbus is Dinglewood, a historical and newly developed suburban neighborhood. Home of active military families and college students. The combination of both lifestyles contributes to the ease for walking and above-average safety scores. Residents can choose between single-family homes or urbanized apartment complexes. Dinglewood residents enjoy a variety of new trends and old-time favorites when it comes to outdoor sports, casual dining, and weekend socializing.

Weracoba Heights – Median real estate price is $151,700

North of Dinglewood is Weracoba Heights, a neighborhood composed of smaller home designs from the late 1930s. It’s a blended community comprised of active military families and home-grown single households. There’s a sense of pride in this family community as residents have a high degree of satisfaction in the neighborhood’s safety.

Rosehill – Median real estate price is $212,000

Bordering the Chattahoochee riverbank is the neighborhood of Rosehill, home to active military, college students and academic professors. It’s not unusual while out jogging or running errands to bump into military personnel in and out of uniform or scholars taking a break from teaching during the holidays or school semesters. The community’s safety is a significant commitment, possibility the reason that this neighborhood is rated among the top college-friendly places to live in Georgia.

City Village – Median real estate price is $193,000

Just over two miles from Columbus is the City Village. Home designs in this neighborhood reflect the past with a touch of modern renovations and detailing. Brand name organizations and local employers support the lifestyle offering part and fulltime sales and service jobs. Residents are engaged as executives, management, and professional occupations along with technical and administrative support functions. Adding further value to living in this community is above the average level of safety practices for all its residents.

Clubview Heights /Hilton Heights – Median real estate price is $240,500

More than three miles away from Columbus is the neighborhood known as Clubview Heights/ Hilton Heights. It’s an older and established community with homes built during the explosion of the baby boomers’ era. Some say there’s a significant example of America’s rural development in the homes by complimenting the area’s architecture and adding a hint of urban styling. Reinforcing the community’s level of safety is a time-honored tradition of knowing the neighbors.

Boxwood Estates – Median real estate price is $115,186

Four miles from Columbus is the neighborhood of Boxwood Estates comprised of new modern single-family homes and high-rise apartments. It’s a working community of individual households and growing families. Owners in this vibrant neighborhood have added personal touches to the houses as they update and renovate. Schools have a favorable rating among parents and students. Safety is relatively high compared to other communities in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Phenix City, Alabama – Median real estate price is $124,000

Phenix City sits two miles from Columbus on the other side of the Chattahoochee River. Like most neighborhoods in the area, Phenix City is known as an ethnically and economically diverse city. Almost fifty percent of residents are families, and they see Phenix City as a great family-friendly place to live. The city’s population density and the safety rating are higher than the national average. More than 80 percent of this neighborhood’s students’ complete high school.

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