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Azalea Park is a suburb of Orlando. It is located about five miles east from downtown Orlando and just to the eastern side of the Orlando Executive Airport.

Home Styles

Azalea Park has a mixture of apartment buildings, townhouses, inexpensive condominiums, and medium-sized single-family homes that usually have three bedrooms. This area has many older homes built between 1940 and 1970. The rest of the homes were built before 2000. With few exceptions, brand-new homes have not been built in this area for the past two decades.

Housing Prices

Areavibes reports that homes in Azalea Park are low cost. The median sales price is $103,400, which is lower than 38% of the median prices in other Florida cities and 79.2% lower than the rest of the country. Azalea Park has a mixture of about equal parts of owner-occupied homes (48.2%) and rental properties. The median home rent is $970, which is 6% lower than other Floridian cities.


Azalea Park is in the School District of Orange County. There are 16 public schools in this school district. The Azalea Park elementary school is in this neighborhood.

Nearby Azalea Park Neighborhoods

There are five neighborhoods that surround Azalea Park, which are:

East Colonial/Barton Neighborhood

This area is also called Baldwin Park. It is ranked as the third best neighborhood, for families with children, in all of Orlando. It is northwest of Azalea Park.

Home Styles

This is an upper-middle class neighborhood. The majority of the homes (69.5%) are newer. Most were built after 1999. The older homes were built between 1970 and 1998. The homes are medium-sized with up to four bedrooms.

Apartment complexes and high-rise buildings offer apartments that are studios, one bedroom, and two bedrooms. This neighborhood is a popular choice for professionals with kids because of the short commute to downtown Orlando.

Housing Prices

There are nice homes in this neighborhood. The median price is $160,554 for a modest home in the southern part of this neighborhood and $318,764 for a luxury home on the lake in the northern part.

Things to Do in the East Colonial/Barton Neighborhood

A popular feature in this neighborhood is the Lake Baldwin Park. It has nice walking trails around the lake and places to have a picnic. Shopping and good restaurants are found in the Village at Baldwin Park that is located on the southeastern lakeshore.

East Colonial/North Bumby Neighborhood

This area is west of Azalea Park. A large section of this neighborhood is taken up by the Orlando Executive Airport. The homes are on the western side of the neighborhood and that makes them very close to downtown Orlando.

Home Styles

This is an older well-established neighborhood. Most of the homes were built between 1940 and 1969. Some larger luxury residences were built before 1940. There are some high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums. This area is not as popular with families. It is popular with young professionals (48.9%) who live alone in this area.

Housing Prices

The median price of homes in this area is $281,351.

Things to Do in the East Colonial/North Bumby Neighborhood

Those who work in downtown Orlando, who like the Orlando nightlife, enjoy this area. There are plenty of good ethnic restaurants in this area. One-in-five residents have a heritage that comes from Puerto Rico or Cuba.

East Colonial/North Semoran Neighborhood

This neighborhood is north of Azalea Park.

Home Styles

This neighborhood has been established for a long time. It has older homes built between 1940 and 1969. About half of the homes were built after that, between 1970 and 1999. There are apartment complexes that have a median rent of $1,551. There are nice bike paths used by about 4% of the residents to commute to work or to go to college. 11% of the people in this neighborhood are college students.

Housing Prices

Homes in this neighborhood cost around $210,142.

Things to Do in the East Colonial/North Semoran Neighborhood

The Orlando VA Medical Center and Full Sail University are near the northern boundary of this neighborhood.

Lake Underhill/Engel Neighborhood

This neighborhood is south of Azalea Park.

Home Styles

This neighborhood has small one-bedroom homes, medium-sized homes (with up to three bedrooms), and small apartment complexes. This is a diverse ethnic neighborhood with one-third of the people having a Puerto Rican ancestry. Over half of the residents speak Spanish along with English.

Housing Prices

The median home price in this area is $189,320 and the median rent is $1,300.

Things to Do in the Lake Underhill/Engel Neighborhood

Going out to a small ethnic restaurant for a large plate of Puerto Rican-style food is a delightful choice in this area. There are also live music venues to enjoy. Families like to visit the nearby Lake Underhill Park, which has nine acres of green space and it great for boating. This lake is west of this neighborhood on the way to downtown Orlando, just off of Florida Highway 408.

Union Park Neighborhood

Home Styles

This is a nice suburban neighborhood with plenty of small- to medium-sized homes. There are a few apartment buildings mixed in as well. About half of the homes were built between 1970 and 1999. The other half were built after 2000, making this neighborhood have a nice, newer look and feel.

This is an ethnic neighborhood with many having ancestry from Puerto Rico (45.3%) and from Cuba (6.5%).

Housing Prices

The median home price in this neighborhood is $230,576 and the median rent is $1,301.

Things to Do in the Union Park Neighborhood

Union Park has a couple of nice public parks that are Downey Park and Blanchard Park. These are fun places to go for a picnic, fishing, and jogging. There are nice playgrounds for the kids. All the parks are maintained by Orange County. There is a useful online tool that is helpful to see the variety of recreational activities offered at each park in the county.

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