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Royal Palm Beach is a family-friendly area located just west of Western Palm Beach, Florida. The median home price for this area is $210,000. The best neighborhoods have more expensive homes with a low median price of $228,000 to a high median price of just over $400,000.


The nicer neighborhoods in Royal Palm Beach for families are:


Royal Palm Beach is in the School District of Palm Beach County. The public schools in Royal Palm Beach are quite good. Test scores are 20% higher than the average American school in other parts of the country.

In Royal Palm Beach, classes are not over-crowded. The student-to-teacher ratio is very good with a teacher having no more than twenty students in each class. This is about 26% better than schools in other parts of the U.S, which have an average of 25 students or more in each class.


Crime in Royal Palm Beach is 24% lower than the crime rate found in other cities in Florida. Recent trends for the crime rate show a reduction of 14% from the previous years. Here is a comparison of the best neighborhoods in Royal Palm Beach for families.

Folsom/Okeechobee Neighborhood

Home Styles

In this neighborhood, more than half (56%) of the homes are newer ones built after 2000. They are larger and may have up to five bedrooms. The other, older homes only date back to the 1970s. There are some apartment complexes and high-rise condominium buildings in this neighborhood.

Most of the homes are owner-occupied (68.8%). Families love this neighborhood. 72% of the people who live here are married and 54% have children. This neighborhood is a popular choice for wealthy, educated professionals with kids.

Housing Prices

The homes are very nice in this neighborhood, yet are much more expensive than other neighborhoods in Royal Palm Beach. They cost around $400,000.

Things to Do in the Folsom/Okeechobee Neighborhood

Preservation Park is the center point of this neighborhood. It is 65 acres and popular with families. There are picnic tables, basketball courts, and a skating arena. There is a complex for soccer players and a soccer field.

There is a nice gym with weight-lifting equipment. Parents with toddlers enjoy a playground designed just for little kids. Preservation Park is right next to Cypress Trails Elementary School. In the northern part of this neighborhood, there is the Madison Green Golf Club. It is a private country club with a golf course that is well maintained.

Southern/East Neighborhood

Home Styles

This is the second most pricey area for homes in Royal Palm Beach. Most of the homes in this area are single-family, detached homes. This neighborhood is considered one of the most family-friendly areas in the entire state of Florida. It has great schools and low crime. The homes look like the kind from the 1950s, seen in the vintage Leave it to Beaver television series.

Housing Prices

You will have to pay around $350,000 for a home in this neighborhood.

Things to Do in the Southern/East Neighborhood

The Royal Palm Beach Pines Natural Area is a large natural park of 773 acres. It has pine woods, prairie lands, and many hiking trails. The horse trails are also very nice for those who like horseback riding. Families like to visit the boardwalk to enjoy the attractions in a natural setting.

Village Center Neighborhood

Home Styles

In this neighborhood, the homes are medium-sized with three bedrooms. A large portion (89.6%) of the homes were built between the 1970s and 2000 making this a well-established neighborhood. There are also luxury apartment complexes in this part of town, such as the Verse at Royal Palm Beach, for those who wish to rent a nice place instead of own a home.

Housing Prices

If you can afford to pay around $300,000, this neighborhood is an option.

Things to Do in the Village Center Neighborhood

This is the active center hub of Royal Palm Beach. There are nice restaurants in this neighborhood to enjoy. Golfers will be able to play a round of golf at the Village Golf Club. For shoppers, there are unique boutiques to explore.

Grandview/Belvedere Neighborhood

Home Styles

The homes in this neighborhood are medium- to large-sized, with three bedrooms and some up to five bedrooms. Most of the homes are owner-occupied and were built between 1970 and 2000.

Housing Prices

The price of a home in this neighborhood is around $280,000.

Things to Do in the Grandview/Belvedere Neighborhood

This is a residential neighborhood with many families that have school-aged children. This area has a nice community feel. The neighborhood is mostly homes. All the amenities are nearby in other neighborhoods.

Royal Palm Beach/Southern Neighborhood

Home Styles

This neighborhood has small homes with one or two bedrooms and medium-sized homes with up to four bedrooms. There are a few apartment buildings and high-rise luxury condominium buildings. Quite a few of the homes (19.2%) are vacation homes that remain empty for most of the year until the owner arrives for vacation. Most were built before 2000.

Housing Prices

This is a good value area with homes costing the median price of only $228,000.

Things to Do in the Royal Palm Beach/Southern Neighborhood

The Common Park in Royal Palm Beach is a fun place to go for festivals and events. Each year there are four major events for families to enjoy. They are the West Fest, the Star Spangled Spectacular, the Fall Fest and the Winter Fest. Also, in this neighborhood is the Calypso Bay Waterpark with two-story water slides that kids really enjoy.

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