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Known as the Buckeye State and home to the first man to walk on the moon, Ohio is chock-full of attractions and fascinating facts. Did you know that Cleveland is where you can find the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or that Cortland was originally named Baconsburg? We could name interesting facts about Ohio all day! But instead, we’ve chosen the top 4 things you need to know before moving to Ohio – and how self storage can help you get there.

1. Ohio is Known as the Buckeye State

Buckeye trees are prevalent throughout Ohio, and grow especially well near rivers and streams. They earned their name due to the tree nuts that resemble the color and shape of a deer’s eye. The buckeye tree was established as Ohio’s official state tree in 1953, but the historical use of the name dates further back. Locals were commonly referred to as Buckeyes by writers in the 1830s, and the term is used to refer to Ohio residents in general. While it is a little strange that a tree is a state mascot, the buckeye tree is resilient and adaptable – and Ohio residents are proud to bear the symbolism.

2. The World’s Largest Amish Community

Located in east-central Ohio is the greatest concentration of Amish settlements in the country; there are 40,000 Amish that call these settlements home. This is Ohio Amish Country and it consists mainly of Holmes, Tuscarawas Coshocton, and Wayne Counties. Whether you’re visiting the state or are a current resident, taking a journey to Amish Country is a must. You’ll enjoy the unique culture, beautiful scenery, homemade foods and crafts, and guided tours.

3. Home to a Christmas Story

Ever dreamed of visiting the house from A Christmas Story? Well when you move to Ohio, you can! Restored to its splendor – and to appear as it did in the film – the house from A Christmas Story is open all year for public tours. And located across the street is the official museum with the original memorabilia from the film and behind-the-scenes photos. The house and museum are located in Cleveland, Ohio.

4. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Music aficionados travel from throughout the country to visit Cleveland, Ohio and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, this museum covers 150,000 square feet of rock and roll music heritage. As the first museum dedicated to rock and roll, it features interactive exhibits, performance spaces, and rotating artifact and costume displays.

Storage Zone Self Storage in Ohio

With so many interesting facts to choose from, it’s no wonder Storage Rentals of America is proud to serve Ohio. Beef up on your Ohio knowledge before you decide to adopt the buckeye name. Whether you’re moving to Cortland or Cleveland, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepared. Use any of our storage facilities located throughout Ohio to help with the moving process. Self storage assists with moving in several ways:

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  • If your new residence isn’t ready, store your belongings while you crash with a friend.

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