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Irmo is a country town in South Carolina with close to 12,000 people that can be found east of Lake Murray and west of the Broad River. Lake Murray is massive and is a popular area for families to enjoy. Land along the Broad River is highly prized. Irmo is great for families because kids get to grow up in a rural area that has plenty of farm-fresh produce and healthy foods to build strong bodies.

The median home price in Irmo is $123,600. The median rent is $1,036. The median household income is $58,446. This income figure is 6% higher than the national average. The low cost for homes and higher household incomes allow most families to buy a home. Owner-occupied homes are 80% of the homes in Irmo, which is a home-ownership rate that is 25% higher than the national average. The best family neighborhoods to consider in Irmo include:

  • Spring Hill
  • North East of Irmo — Holingshed Road and Kennerly Road
  • Town Center

Spring Hill

This is a very large area on the northern side of Irmo. This is part of Richland County. Families that live outside of town have plenty of space for a family farm and an expansive family garden. Homesteading is very popular in this area. Organic gardening and sustainable farming are big trends. Kids can have regular pets like dogs and cats plus wonderful farm animals like chickens, mini-pigs, and baby goats to raise.

Home Styles

Farmhouses on many acres are the norm in this area. Land that has river frontage is very valuable because the water rights may allow irrigation that helps to farm. If you want to raise a family with ten kids this is the place for you. Many of the homes have five bedrooms or more. Mobile homes and manufactured homes are also popular because they are allowed under county regulations, and they are modestly priced. One common strategy is for a family to buy land and then put a mobile home on it, to live in it while they build a large, customized, permanent home.

Housing Prices

The home prices in this area are the highest in Irmo because they usually also include a significant amount of acreage. The median home price is $256,877 and median rents are $2,051.

Things To Do

Many outdoor activities are available in this area. Boating and fishing on both the Lake Murray and the Broad River are terrific. Many families own horses, which are lots of fun to ride. If you want a country lifestyle, with all the amenities of living near a small town, this is a terrific place to live.

North East of Irmo — Holingshed Road and Kennerly Road

This area is northeast of Irmo on the edge of town but not within the city limits. The center point of this area is at the intersection of Holingshed Road and Kennerly Road. It is also part of Richland County. This area is closer to town than the Spring Hill Area. The big difference from Spring Hill is that this neighborhood does not have any land with frontage on the Broad River. It is more like a suburb of Irmo than a rural farming area.

Home Styles

This area has more contemporary ranch-style brick homes that are popular in South Carolina. The density of the homes is higher than other, more rural, parts of the county, which are more focused on agriculture. Nevertheless, all the homes are made for families with plenty of land for the kids to run around and play outside.

Housing Prices

In this area, the median home price is $250,146. The median rent is $957.

Things To Do

This neighborhood is close to Lake Murray. There are nearly 80 square miles of lake to explore and over 600 miles of lake shoreline. Boating is exceptional. Fishing is world-class. If you want to have a nice picnic, many places are family-friendly with playgrounds for the kids.

Town Center

It is convenient for families with young children to live in town. All the public schools in Irmo are close to Town Center. Nine public schools include Irmo Elementary, Ballentine Elementary, Harbison West Elementary, H. E. Corley Elementary, River Springs Elementary, Oak Pointe Elementary, Dutch Fork Elementary, Dutch Fork Middle School, and Dutch Fork High.

Home Styles

Many of the homes are newer than those found in the rural parts of South Carolina. Some were built after 1970 and a few of the newer ones were built after 2000. For families looking for a place to rent, they are more likely to find a suitable place in the downtown area, where there are more rental units than those found in the outlying areas.

Housing Prices

In this neighborhood, the median home price is $224,724 and the median rent is $1,248.

Things To Do

Downtown Irmo has Irmo Town Park. Shopping is excellent at the Irmo Station Shopping Center, the West Friarsgate Shopping Center, and the Irmo Village Shopping Center. Health care services are available at the Lexington Medical Center.

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