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Moving from one place to another can be a daunting prospect, but being prepared can make your moving day a lot easier. These proactive steps will speed up the process and help you feel as comfortable as possible during this time of transition. You can also reduce moving day stress by bringing supplies that will make the job easier. But which items are the most useful? To help you have the best moving day possible, here are 6 must-have supplies.

1. Get A Moving Truck or Trailer

Whether you are renting a truck to pack and drive yourself or need to hire pros to do the job, you need a vehicle that can transport all of your belongings safely. Even if you’re transporting just enough furniture for a studio apartment, a towable trailer can turn endless back and forth trips with your friend’s minivan into one convenient pickup and drop off.

If you need extra help transporting furniture and other heavy items, spend a little extra and hire a professional moving company. Having guaranteed helping hands to move your belongings keeps you on schedule and instead of waiting on people to come over and help. Be sure to offer generous cash tips to your movers who have gone above and beyond to transport heavy items safely.

2. Use Box Cutters to Open Boxes

Moving boxes need to be taped to keep their contents secure, but you’ll need to eventually open them up again. Nothing’s worse than using a dull blade when you have many, many boxes to unpack. The slowdowns, safety issues, and snags are enough to make you feel stressed. To make this process easier, get a new box cutter with a sharp blade.

Because any blade can get dull after being in constant contact with adhesives, be sure to have multiple replacements so that you always have a sharp blade available. To safely open boxes, angle the blade away from your body and don’t get any of your fingers near the blade. If you continue to use sharp blades, you don’t have to apply as much pressure when unpacking boxes, which means it won’t take as long to get all your items out and organized in your new home or office.

3. Invest in Hand Trucks for Heavy Items

When you have furniture that is too heavy for one person to carry alone, a simple machine like a hand truck, also known as a dolly, can multiply your efforts. Transporting your heavy items on a hand truck saves you time, gives you excellent control in moving them, and prevents strain on your back. If you need to move extremely large and heavy items, invest in a sturdy steel hand truck that can handle the weight.

If you need to move these items up and down stairs, curbs, and other uneven elevation, inflatable wheels can navigate these areas easily. Standard wheels are better for flat surfaces and simple pathways. To protect delicate items like dressers and refrigerators, be sure to strap them to the hand truck so that they don’t fall forward. Teamwork is still highly recommended to perform any hauling and transporting with a hand truck safely.

4. Cleaning Supplies

While you should have done a deep clean before moving day, you are highly likely to find pockets of dust and grime after you move large items like sofas, fridges, and washer/dryer units. Keep basic cleaning items like paper towels, surface cleaners, wet wipes, a dustpan, and broom ready to sweep up whatever was concealed by your large items. Leaving the property spic and span will delight your landlord or future homebuyers, and it’s always a good idea. If you have older kids with you, this is an excellent job to delegate to save time and boost productivity.

5. Bungee Cords

You’ll be surprised at how useful bungee cords can be on moving day. These cords can wrap around rugs and yoga mats to keep them in place. They can also secure items onto hand trucks if the item isn’t too heavy. They can also loop through bag handles to keep tote bags full of loose items organized, and can keep hangers organized. A long bungee cord can secure items in your trunk if it cannot fully close because there is a large item in it. While it’s far better to rent a moving truck that can accommodate all your belongings, sometimes this modification is necessary when you’re in a pinch.

6. Pack A Cooler & Day Bag

Moving day is a big moment of transition where you’re temporarily uprooted. Not only will you be hungry, tired, and drained from the energy it takes to move, but you’ll be without your familiar comforts for a short time. To make this transition easier, keep food and some necessities on hand. Fill a cooler with refreshing drinks, snacks, and sandwiches to get you through the day with plenty of calories to burn.

A day bag with a change of clothes and all your favorite toiletries will keep you looking fresh even if you have to stay overnight in a new house full of boxes. Be sure to pack the items that you can’t leave unattended like legal documents and jewelry. Other necessities like phone chargers, prescription medication, and electronic devices for work should also be in this bag to keep your life going on as normally as possible. Make sure this bag is in a safe place like your vehicle where it is locked where nobody can access it except for you.

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