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Are you headed to college in the fall? Are you the parent of a new college student who is moving into a dorm room? If so, getting their new living space organized is a must. Unfortunately, the living space they have is very limited and as a result, you may need a few creative storage solutions.

The good news is, there are a few ways you can maximize the limited space available. Keep reading to learn more about organizing a dorm room here.

1. Use the Vertical Space Available

A great way to maximize space in a dorm room is by going up. For example, you can get your shoes off of the floor with an over the door shoe rack. You can also use this type of hanging storage solution to store other items, such as toiletries, socks, mittens, and more. Another great addition is an over the door towel rack. They even have over the door shelving solutions that are a great option for dorm rooms.

2. Invest in a Hutch for Your Desk

You can purchase a hutch for your desk, which is a set of cabinets that sits above your desk. All dorm rooms should have a desk so wait until you move in to determine what size you will need. With a hutch for your desk, you can maximize the wall space, while giving yourself a location for all your school work and books. You can even purchase one online, from the school you are attending, or build one on your own.

3. Use Command Hooks

These should be your new best friend when moving into a dorm room. Since you aren’t supposed to put nails into the walls, the adhesive on the back makes it easy for you to remove the command hooks at the end of the semester. There are more than a few amazing ways for you to use these all over the space. These aren’t just for adding additional space in your closet.

Some great ways to use these hooks in your dorm room include:

  • Hang up artwork
  • Put one by the door for keys
  • Use them in the bathroom for towels
  • Hang up lightweight picture frames
  • Hang up your purse or backpack

4. Prepare Safety and DIY Kits

It is a good idea to buy several plastic shoe boxes and fill them up with all the items listed below. The good news is, you can find most of these items at a local dollar store:

  • First aid supplies and medicine
  • A DIY tool kit
  • Necessities – i.e. flashlight, scissors, sewing kit, stamps, rolls of quarters, batteries, hole punch, glue stick, ruler, white-out, scotch tape, etc.

5. Use the Space Under Your Bed

There are a number of ways you can use the space under your bed. In most cases, you also get to choose a bunk bed, but there are very few students who opt for that. Regardless of the type of bed you get, there is going to be space under it. Make sure to use it for its full potential. You can purchase totes that will slide underneath for blankets and sweaters, or even keep extra shoes, purses, and backpacks here. You may even store your towels and other similar items under the bed. The point is that this is viable storage space and it should not go to waste.

6. Electronic Preparation

Be sure that you are ready to move in by having all your electronic needs accounted for. Each device has a serial number you should write down in case of theft.

There are some colleges, because of fire codes, that won’t allow you to use extension cords in a dorm room. You can typically avoid this rule by purchasing additional surge protectors.

Also, you need to think about outlets. The majority of dorm rooms aren’t going to provide access to very many. As a result, it’s probably a good idea to purchase outlet adapters that can convert your double outlet into six. These are pretty affordable and can be extremely beneficial.

7. Stacking Plastic Drawers

These are great and a versatile storage solution. You can use a set of plastic drawers as a printer stand, or even on your desk for organizing your pens and other must haves. Be sure to purchase the right size for your particular plans.

As you can see, there are several ways you can ensure your dorm room is organized and that you have space for everything you need. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to make the most of your college living space. You will be thankful you did.


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