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Before the big moving day, you should have the right packing supplies to protect your belongings. Without them, it will be difficult to make sure everything arrives at the next destination in one piece. Keep these 9 essential moving day items on hand as you prepare your items for their upcoming transition.

1. Moving Boxes

To pack your items properly, you’ll need moving boxes of all sizes. These are useful to protect delicate items like lampshades and to keep small possessions organized. Make sure you don’t put too many heavy items in a large box because it will make it too hard to move. Instead, limit the amount of heavy items you put in one box so that the weight doesn’t become too unbearable. Pack the heavier items on the bottom and put lighter things on top, preferably with some padding like a small pillow or sheet to protect the edges of delicate items. To prevent items from moving around in these boxes, fill in empty spaces. Stuff these areas with packing paper, towels or old clothes until you don’t hear a rustling sound when you pick up the box.

2. Permanent Markers

Next to item storage, labeling is another crucial step you can’t miss. After packing box after box, you can easily forget what went where. Get a multipack of permanent markers so that you can label each box with its contents. Label ‘fragile’ boxes with ‘up arrows’ so that the movers will handle this box with care and keep it upright. If you’re familiar with the floor plan of your next destination, designate which room each box belongs to, such as “silverware: kitchen” or “subwoofer: basement”. You’ll never regret labeling your boxes but quickly feel frustrated if you forget and have to open each box to find out what’s inside!

3. Bubble Wrap

If you plan on protecting a lot of fragile items, grab a few rolls of bubble wrap. Get the type with small bubbles to protect lightweight fragile items like fine china and glassware. If you get large rolls, you can tear off convenient 12-inch sheets that can easily wrap around many objects. Meanwhile, large bubbles can protect heavier items like vases and stoneware. For the best protection, wrap everything with the bubbles facing towards the item.

4. Packing Paper

This basic white newsprint is a packing essential that fills in gaps in boxes and protects delicate items like glassware and figurines. By filling in any voids in boxes, you prevent items from moving and shifting in transit, preventing damage. Because packing paper doesn’t contain dyes like newspapers, you don’t need to fear staining items like lampshades. This universal cushion can take up a small amount of space when left flat or be crinkled to provide extra padding.

5. Moving Blankets

Moving blankets, which are also known as furniture pads, are the best tools to cover your furniture to protect them from dust and scratches. You can either rent moving blankets from your movers or buy them yourself. If you’re okay with washing your blankets after using them, an old comforter or two can also to protect larger items. Be sure to secure the blanket with bungee cords or tape that won’t leave behind a sticky residue, like clear packing tape.

6. Padded Wrapping Paper

If you don’t want to use blankets, then padded wrapping paper is a fine alternative. Padded wrapping paper is just like wrapping paper but with cushioning inside. These are an excellent protective item for large pieces like grandfather clocks, dressers, and mirrors. These can be secured with masking tape so that they don’t shift in transit. Individuals who don’t want to rent moving blankets or use their comforters can find a viable alternative in this packing supply.

7. Stretch Plastic Wrap

Stretch plastic wrap works just like the clear wrap you have in the kitchen but it can cover much larger areas. As you wrap it around furniture or small objects, its plastic material adheres to itself. This is an excellent tool to keep silverware together or keep drawers in place in a dresser. This can save you a lot of time, especially if you put packing paper inside drawers then wrap the entire dresser or desk with plastic wrap. This method eliminates the need for a moving box for the contents inside your furniture. Plastic wrap can truly speed up the process of packing up multiple loose items like toys, makeup, and baby supplies too. It can also protect furniture from dust and water, but it’s not as effective at preventing scratches unless you wrap around the furniture many times.

8. Heavy-Duty Clear Packing Tape

Clear packing tape is essential for moving. It seals boxes, secures the ends of moving blankets, bubble wrap, and padding packing paper. This tape comes in large rolls and can dispense strips quickly with a tape gun. Make sure you get enough of these because you’ll be using a lot of tape to keep boxes securely shut and to keep protective padding in one spot. To secure a box well, tape down the middle and the side to reinforce it. For boxes that need extra sealing, wrap the tape around the box completely twice to form a perpendicular cross.

9. Mattress Bags

Mattresses are expensive, so you should protect them during the move. These bags are specially made to fit around your mattress and keep away elements that can damage them. They keep out bed bugs, prevent moisture from entering your mattress, and keep dirt away. This prevents your mattresses from harboring pests or developing a musty smell.

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