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When choosing between storage units, you have two main types from which to choose: indoor and drive-up units. Each of these options has benefits and drawbacks that make them worth consideration. However, drive-up units often provide business and homeowners with many more. Read on to learn more about five significant benefits of these storage centers and how they can help you.

1. Easier Loading and Unloading

When you rent a drive-up storage unit, you are paying for a unit that is easier to access. Though indoor units may seem safer, drive-up ones let you bring your vehicle right up to their door. As a result, you can take items out of the unit or put things in more easily. This benefit has many other advantages that make it worth your consideration.

For example, businesses will find it easier to get at items that they need to sell or distribute without much difficulty. Just as importantly, you can store goods without having to haul them through hallways and down multiple passages in a storage center. Instead, you can take no more than a few seconds to move items from the storage center to your vehicle or vice versa.

2. Ground-Level Design

Drive-up storage centers are always positioned on the ground level and do not get stacked on top of each other. This design is critical because people who rent them want to drive up and load and unload as quickly as possible. In this way, they can not only decrease the amount of work that they have to do but also ensure that they don’t get worn out during the transfer process.

By contrast, some inside storage centers have multiple levels that can make storage more challenging. That’s because you’ll have to go up the stairs carrying your items, some of which can be quite heavy. Thankfully, drive-up storage centers don’t have that problem. That’s because they are always on the ground floor, which makes them simpler to load and unload without any complications.

3. Larger Space for Storage

Indoor storage centers are often a bit small due to the design of their buildings. That’s because they are built to be compact to maximize the number of storage containers at each center. Unfortunately, this compact design means that their interiors are often smaller than some may expect. As a result, it may be necessary to rent a larger bin or to rent multiple containers instead of one.

Thankfully, drive-up storage centers help to avoid this problem. That’s because they are designed to be a little larger than indoor units. That’s because their design doesn’t include exterior walls, hallways, and doors for people to come in and out of to access the facility. Instead, each unit contains only its walls and the entrance to access it, which enhances its overall size.

4. Vehicle Storage Possibilities

Those who want to store vehicles often turn to drive-up units as a unique solution. Unlike indoor storage centers, it is easy to park a car in one of these outdoor storage spots. Even better, most of these areas are much less expensive to rent than a room in a garage. As a result, car owners who own multiple vehicles or who want to protect valuable or expensive items in their collection should seriously consider the advantages of this option. The benefits that they provide are much too high to ignore.

These benefits are significant for a large number of reasons. First of all, it is useful for those who collect cars and who want an inexpensive place to park them. For example, a classic vehicle can be stored in a drive-up storage unit almost indefinitely. Secondly, you can control the temperature and humidity of the storage room to keep the car from getting too damaged. Lastly, you should have enough room to do some work on the vehicle, if you have nowhere else where you can do mechanic work on it.

5. Less Expensive Than Indoor Units

Lastly, drive-up storage units are an excellent choice for those who don’t have a lot of money. That’s because they almost always cost less than indoor units. This lower price may seem like a surprise because most outdoor units have more storage space. However, indoor units charge extra because they can provide a more extensive range of security benefits and because they usually have more temperature and climate control options than outdoor or drive-up units.

That doesn’t mean that outdoor storage lacks security or climate control. Most units will have multiple options for protection, such as cameras and locks, as well as temperature and humidity controls that you can use to keep your unit protected. However, these options are usually not as diverse as indoor units, which is why you will pay less. If you feel comfortable with this situation, then an outdoor storage center is almost always a better choice for your wallet.

Choosing the Right Unit for Your Needs

As you can see, drive-up storage units have many benefits that make them worth your consideration. Therefore, you need to make sure that you investigate the amenities that each offers before you rent one. For example, some provide temperature-controlled interiors that keep cold and heat from affecting your goods. Others have multiple security options that work to keep people away from your products. No matter what choice you make, it would help if you balanced these amenity options with the cost to ensure that you are satisfied with the overall protection of your unit.

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