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Avoid damaging your mattress during storage by taking the necessary steps to protect it. By using our guide, you’ll sleep soundly long after you take your mattress out of long-term storage.

The steps to properly store your mattress are:

  1. Clean the Mattress
  2. Wrap the Mattress Properly
  3. Protect the Mattress While Moving
  4. Store the Mattress Flat
  5. Protect A Mattress with Climate Control Storage

1. Clean the Mattress

A clean mattress is a must for long-term storage, so it is important to clean it thoroughly before putting it away. First, remove all the covers and separate the mattress from the box springs. Use a cleaning solution to get rid of any dirt and grime. Use stain remover to remove stains or discoloration. Clean both sides thoroughly and let the mattress dry completely.

Next, lay the mattress down flat and sprinkle the mattress with baking soda on one side and dust the edges with baking soda. Leave the powder on the surface for a while to let it absorb odors. Use the upholstery attachment with the vacuum cleaner to remove to powder. Repeat the same process to treat the other side. After the powder is removed, let the mattress air out for a few hours if possible before proceeding to the next step.

2. Wrap the Mattress Properly

The best thing to use for wrapping a mattress is light, breathable plastic that does not trap moisture. It is also possible to use a plastic mattress cover made specifically to protect a mattress. These can be purchased from most storage facilities. Avoid using thick plastic because this can trap moisture inside, which can cause mold to form on the mattress.

If the mattress will be stored in a humid location, consider putting industrial-sized packets of silica gel inside the plastic cover along with the mattress. These are larger sizes of packets that are similar to those marked “do not eat” found in so many things. Silica gel packets absorb moisture and reduce the chance that mold will form. Large-size silica gel packets can easily be found for sale online and are a great way to protect your mattress.

3. Protect Your Mattress While Moving

Use a covered moving truck to move the mattress to keep it from being exposed to inclement weather. Cover it will old blankets or moving pads to keep it from getting dirty or damaged during the move. Resist any temptation to tie a mattress to the roof of a car. This is dangerous and can damage a mattress from being bent.

When placing the mattress in a moving truck do not place heavy things on top of it, which can cause damage to the internal springs. A mattress can be moved in an upright position on its side; however, this is not the best way to position a mattress for long-term storage as explained below.

4. Store the Mattress Flat

Storing a mattress for a long time on its side can cause damage to its internal springs. For the best protection, store a mattress in a flat position that is horizontal to the ground. It may be tempting to place heavy items on top of your mattress but don’t do it. This can cause damage to the internal springs as well. Instead, store it on the top of everything else in a flat, even way.

If possible, use the flat tops of furniture or place the mattress on the level tops of stacked boxes. One way to create level support is to use the bed frame and/or the frame slats to support the mattress in a level way. Be sure to place it carefully. Use help when doing this so that the mattress does not have a chance to fall or to cause an injury.

5. Protect the Mattress with Climate Control Storage

The best solution for long-term mattress storage is to use a storage facility that has climate control. Exposure to humidity over long periods can cause mold to form, which destroys a valuable mattress. This is why storing a mattress in a basement is a terrible idea.

If climate control is not available, an alternative is to use a dehumidifier in the room that runs on a regular basis to remove moisture from the air. Additionally, after every few months, while the mattress is in storage, it is a good idea to open the plastic covering to let in some fresh air and to make sure no moisture is collecting inside.

Store Your Mattress With Confidence

By following these helpful tips, a mattress can be stored for a long time and come out of storage in a good condition without any damage to the internal springs or from contamination by mold.

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