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Living in New York City is an adventure and is not one that comes cheaply. Many people here not only struggle to pay rent but to afford the outrageous storage costs. That’s why we suggest renting in New Jersey instead. Belleville, NJ, prices are often a fraction of what you get in NYC for units that are just as nice.

The Bronx is the Cheapest Storage in NYC But Not New Jersey

Overall, the Bronx is the least expensive place to rent a storage unit in New York City. Compared to New Jersey, though, the prices are still high. For example, the average cost is about $2.06, but prices go higher depending on your unit’s size. A typical unit, a 10×10, is a whopping $2.24. depending on the size that you prefer. The smallest unit, a 5×5 costs $2.04, and a 10×15 costs $2.00.

Why would a larger unit cost less than a smaller one? Efficiency. When you rent a larger unit, you fit more goods inside and can, therefore, cut down on some costs. However, this factor also depends on elements such as the location of your unit.

And the Bronx is the cheapest storage option in NYC because it is not as populated or as popular as a living destination as other boroughs. As a result, the costs are lower as a way of attracting more potential renters.

Queens Storage Costs a Little More

Compared to the Bronx, Queens is a bit more popular for those moving in from outside of the city. Though it is not as desirable as Manhattan or Brooklyn, it has a rich population diversity. As a result, storage averages around $2.45 in this borough.

However, you can rent a 10×10 unit here cheaper than you can in the Bronx ($2.01), though the 10×15 ($2.25) costs more than it does in the Bronx ($2.00). And when renting smaller units in Queens (4×7), anticipate a reasonably high cost ($2.78) compared to that of the Bronx for a similar-sized unit (7.5×10, $2.43).

In Queens, you’ll find the first $3.00+ unit in New York (7×4, $3.50), though it will be far from the last. Theses units are often attached to apartment buildings or other facilities, which drive up their prices.

Staten Island Storage Prices Go Even Higher

In some ways, Staten Island is often the forgotten borough in NYC. Though it is home to a very diverse population – and has brought cultural icons like the Wu-Tang Clan to the world – it doesn’t have the same name recognition that other boroughs may possess.

And Staten Island is one of the smaller boroughs in NYC, too, which may explain its higher storage cost average ($2.70) compared to the Bronx and Queens. Those who want a 10×10 here will pay $2.37, which is higher than the Bronx ($2.24) and Queens ($2.01). Prices remain higher across the board with 10×11 ($2.49), 10×15 ($1.93), 10×5 ($2.95), and 11×10 ($2.29) units available here.

The 10×15 is by far the lowest-priced unit in Staten Island, with the highest a 5×5 costing as much as $3.18 from some facilities. These costs are starting to become difficult to afford but haven’t yet reached their peak, showing how costly storage is in this city.

Brooklyn Storage Averages Jump to Over $3.00

Currently, Brooklyn is very much the “hip” place for new residents. Though Manhattan is still by far the most expensive and most densely populated borough, Brooklyn’s art scene makes it the place to be in the city.

As a result, storage prices skyrocket in this borough – whereas $3.00+ storage options were rare in the other boroughs so far, the average here is $3.29. The standard 10×10 we’ve discussed in each borough jumps up to $3.14 in Brooklyn.

Just a few examples of these storage prices include 10×11 ($3.41), 10×15 ($2.96), 10×5 (also $2.96), 10×7.5 ($1.63, though rarely available), and 11×10 ($3.03).

Manhattan’s Storage Prices are Staggering

When the average person thinks of New York City, they likely visualize Times Square and the bustling tourist mecca that is Manhattan. As a result, living in this area is very expensive – and the storage prices follow suit.

Are you ready for this price jump? Manhattan’s average storage rental costs are $11.48 – a full $8.00 more than Brooklyn. And a majority of the units in this area are $10 or more, with only a few (like the $8.26 11×11 unit) dropping below double-digit prices.

These prices include: 14×7 ($11.98); 4×7 ($13.89); 5×10 ($10.66); 5×5 ($11.86); and 7×4 ($13.57). As if the higher prices weren’t hard enough to handle, the diversity of storage sizes is often low in Manhattan due to a lack of options and the high population density.

Storing in Belleville, New Jersey Saves Big Bucks

By contrast to these expensive prices, Belleville storage is very affordable. With an average of just $2.01, the prices here can get shockingly low – for units that are often better than those in New York, particularly if you want heating and cooling protection.

For example, the 10×10 here is just $1.62, with the 10×5 costing only $1.54. These prices offer the NYC resident significant savings. And since New Jersey is just a short ride away from the Big Apple, it is more than worth considering shifting your storage here.

Just think of the money you can save even compared to the Bronx – with a nearly $0.60 difference between the 10×10 – let alone Manhattan – with $8-10 differences between the rental prices. You’ll need that extra cash to afford rent and other expenses in the city.

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