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Commercial Storage Units

Our Storage Experts Can Help!

The Right Space to Help Your Business

From storefronts to construction businesses to home offices, Storage Rentals of America provides the commercial storage your company needs when you need it. Did you know that 35% of all businesses use rental storage units for their line of work? Depending on the type of business, companies with tiny storefronts (or perhaps none at all) find rental units to be very useful. Companies with large spaces, however, may also find rental storage units to be handy in keeping inventory and customer files more organized. It may even make a difference in increasing sales by enabling employees to find such items faster and make better use of their company time. Storage rentals are also a wise investment if you’re looking for storing items that require an extra layer of security or special handling, such as legal documents, pharmaceutical products, or more fragile items that you desire to remove away from high traffic areas.

Your Business Advantage

Why choose Storage Rentals of America? Well, there are many great reasons. With our storage units, your benefits include the following and many more:

  • Drive Up Access: Pull right to our units from your car with our drive up storage units. Come and go at your schedule to visit your storage unit with our convenient access hours. For more information about specific hours per location, you can speak with our manager in the facility.
  • Great Location: Our rental storage units can be found in many convenient locations across six states.
  • Excellent Service: Our friendly storage team will help you find the storage you need and provide you assistance with how to store your items to get the most out of your hardworking unit. Payments are also divided into convenient flexible monthly installments. No need to hassle with a contract, just a simple month to month basis!
  • Security: When you come to your storage unit, you can be sure that our areas are clean and fresh with no dust to worry about and ample lighting to see. You can also rest assured that sensitive items are secure with state of the art security features. Our storage units are gate entry coded with 24/7 video surveillance and perimeter fencing.
  • Climate Control Storage: It can be tough to find suitable storage areas for historical records, artwork, medicines, and other items susceptible to disintegrating from the atmosphere over time. But with our climate controlled storage units, you can preserve them in an insulated environment and consistent temperature year round.

Quality Commercial Storage Options

More and more businesses are benefiting from commercial storage. Some of the most popular types of industries that utilize storage include the following:

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Sales: Free up your home or car by storing your documents or products in secure climate controlled storage units.
  • Retail: Store and organized extra inventory with ease.
  • Restaurants & Hospitality: Store extra tables and chairs, linens, supplies and more in a conveniently located facility.
  • Construction: Store your materials, equipment, and even your work truck in one of our secure facilities.
  • Realty Companies: Use our space as temporary storage to help a client stage their home.
  • Apartment Management: A great place to store extra maintenance supplies and lawn equipment.
  • Lawyers & Accountants: Store paperwork, records, and other paperwork that clutters your office space.

Let Us Help Your Business!

If you’re interested in renting a quality unit with Storage Rentals of America, call our storage experts at 1 (800) 457-5678 or visit us in person! Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with your business storage needs.