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We Make Relocation Easier!

Moving? We Know How Stressful It Can Be

Whether your journey is local or across the country, reliable storage solutions can maximize your options. Self-storage also offers monetary savings and extra flexibility with the moving timeline. Interested in learning more about the benefits of getting a rental unit for your moving needs? Here’s why getting a storage unit from SROA can help make your transition smoother.

Take Advantage of the Versatility of Storage Units

When you are moving all your belongings, sometimes the timing between your relocation and official move-out-date of your previous home will not be exact. For example, if your previous home’s closing date is in the middle of the month but your new lease starts at the first of the next month, you will have a considerable gap in time where your belongings are in limbo. Instead of keeping your items in an expensive mover’s warehouse, have your movers drop off your belongings in a storage unit that’s close to your new home.

This decision has multiple benefits. First, it allows you to work with moving companies even if you’re not there. Have the movers put your belongings into your unit, which has a reasonable monthly fee and many size options. You can then have your movers get your items when you arrive at your new location. You also get full peace of mind that your furniture, appliances, and other valuable necessities have been stored in a monitored place under the lock and key of your choice.

Cannot Visit in Person? We Can Move You in Over the Phone or Online

We understand that life gets busy, or you may just not be in the area. This is why you don’t have to physically come into our office to move in your belongings— though that is still an option if you prefer face-to-face service. All you have to do is contact us by phone or online and we can match you with the right storage unit for your needs.

Whether you need to rent a storage unit for a year or just a couple of months, our plans offer plenty of flexibility. We have short-term and month-to-month leases that can make the timeline of your move less stressful and more streamlined.

Call 1-800-457-5678 seven days a week: Monday – Friday 8 AM-7 PM, Saturday and Sunday 9 AM-5:30 PM or reserve a unit online.

Find Your Ideal Storage Unit Online

It can be difficult to know exactly what kind of unit you need for all your belongings. The good news is that we’re pros and know how to store everything — from delicate china collections to your seasonal ATV. We have compact units, large units, mid-sized units, climate-controlled units, and more. Give us a call and we can match you with the size unit you need — nothing more or less than what you need — so you get the most out of your money.

You can also use our convenient storage unit size calculator at any time of the day. For example, you will learn that a 10×25 unit, which is 10 feet wide and 25 feet long with an 8-foot ceiling, offers about 2,000 cubic feet of storage, which is equivalent to the contents of a four-bedroom house. This matches you with a unit that is smaller than a larger, more expensive unit while keeping you clear from units that are too small and won’t give you the storage space you need.

Online Bill Pay and Autopay

With over-the-phone, online, and autopay options, staying on top of rental payments has never been easier. It’s also possible to pay for your short-term rental in one lump sum too. You never have to come into our office to pay either — unless you want to.

With so many bills to keep track of monthly, a temporary rental can fall through the cracks. We can help you stay current with all your payments by setting you up on autopay at the start of your unit rental, allowing you to not miss a beat. All you have to do is login with your SROA account then follow the proceeding steps to set up autopay.

Moving and Packing Supplies for Sale

When you come to our office, we can also assist you with other needs such as buying locks, packing materials, boxes, and adding or reducing storage areas to your lease. We have all the odds and ends that will protect your items from premature wear and tear. Most of our locations are staffed six days a week, so you can get the best recommendations from our friendly self-storage professionals.

Climate-Controlled Storage Options

There are many belongings that require special care, like low humidity and stable temperatures, to stay in pristine shape. For instance, the antique piano that’s been in your family for generations can become out of tune when exposed to extreme hot or cold in a warehouse. Instead of risking damage to this precious heirloom, place valuable items like these in climate-controlled units, which will stay at stable temperatures that reduce the risk of expansion and contraction of items. Call us for availability.

Cooperation with Your Moving Company

We are used to working with moving companies. Once you give us the green light, we can authorize them to move your belongings into your storage unit. We have clean, secure, storage units across nationwide.

Ready to get started? Make check-in and unit selection easier by completing the online customer signup. Once you become an SROA member, we’ll help you through a smooth, streamlined rental process. You can also call us at 1-800-457-5678 any day of the week!

We’re Your Storage Solution!

Storage Rentals of America is your convenient self-storage solution. So come into our office or give our storage experts a call at 1-800-457-5678. Our call center is available 7 days a week and can help determine which storage unit size best fits your storage needs.