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Self Storage for College Students

Affordable Storage for College Students!

Going home for the summer? Maybe you’re planning to take a semester off to travel the globe. We know college students have plenty of reasons to use self storage. Storage Rentals of America is here to help store your stuff at an affordable price.

Top Reasons College Students Use Self Storage

There are plenty of reasons why college students need a place for their stuff and sometimes a small dorm just won’t cut it. Even worse if you end up with a nightmare for a roommate and you’ll see why self storage is great for college students.

Summer Storage Needs

If you live in the dorms or rent a room in a shared space, you will want to rent a self-storage facility for your stuff, so you do not have to take it all with you when you go back home or when you are taking time to enjoy your summer vacation. Moving stuff is a big hassle, especially if the move is far away.

Renting a month-to-month storage unit near the school is much easier. These units are designed to hold the contents of a dorm room or a small apartment and are very convenient. They also sell packing boxes and supplies to pack everything up so that problem is solved.

Taking a Semester Off For Adventure

Perhaps you are the kind of person that wishes to take some time off from college and go on an adventure. Maybe you want to backpack across Europe, do an internship somewhere else, or volunteer for a global assignment with the Peace Corps. A self-storage unit is a perfect place to keep your stuff while you are on your life’s adventure.

Vehicle Storage Solution

To put away your vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, or boat you will want to rent a drive-up storage unit. These are a safe and secure way to keep them in storage when they are not in use.

Starting a Small Business

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Here is an idea about how to start a business that does not need a four-year college degree to explain it. Identify non-perishable things that your friends like to buy. Buy them in bulk at discounted wholesale prices and re-sell them at just below the retail prices that they already pay for them. Sounds goofy? This is how Michael Dell started Dell computers and became a billionaire.

Store the inventory in your self-store rental unit. Be sure to get a climate-controlled storage space so that your goods are not damaged by temperature extremes or excessive humidity. Make a profit. Repeat.

Rent Stuff to Others

Another good business idea for college students is to rent out stuff to other students that they do not want to have to bring to the dorms themselves. If there are foreign students at your school, they may want to rent out furnishings, a small refrigerator, or a television for a dorm room because trying to bring these things from their home country would be too expensive. Then, put these items away during summer in your secured storage unit to be ready for renting them again when school starts up.

More Space in Your Dorm Room

You may simply run out of space in the dorms or where you rent a room and need some extra space for your stuff. The nice thing about a rental storage unit is there is no long-term commitment. You can rent one for just a few months when you need it.

How to Determine What Size Storage Unit You’ll Need

Most students who live in a dorm room or rent a room in a shared apartment can get away with either a 5×5 storage unit if you only have boxes of stuff and maybe a desk and chair. If you also have a bed or futon, then you will most likely need a 5×10 storage unit.

If you live in a larger space, there are bigger storage units available, which can accommodate furniture from much larger apartments. If you want to get really geeky about this you can measure everything and calculate the space in cubic feet that you need. You can put heavy stuff on the bottom and stack lighter stuff on top of it, to fill up the storage unit to the ceiling and make the most of the storage space.

What Features Should You Look for in a Rental Storage Unit?

Here is a checklist of the features to consider when choosing a storage unit:

  • Price/Size: The price per month depends on the size of the unit. If you have lots of stuff, or you are going to be taking stuff in and out on a regular basis, it is better to get a unit that is slightly bigger than the absolute minimum that you need. This will give you some extra room in the storage unit, plus make it easier to move things around and to find them.
  • Climate-Control: Excessive temperature (hot or cold) and humidity can damage most things. To avoid this damage, get a unit in a building that has climate control. This is a great way to protect your stuff during the hot summers breaks and cold winter months.
  • Drive-Up Access: The drive-up units rent for more but are much easier to put stuff in them. If you plan to store heavy things, then, having a drive-up storage unit is a good idea. Many people like these units better because they simply do not want the hassle of having to cart things to a storage unit that does not have drive-up access. On the other hand, if your budget is tight then getting a unit that does not have drive-up access may save money.
  • Long Facility Access and Security: Most students prefer to be able to access to their stuff at odd hours or at least rent a unit in a facility that offers extended hours with good security monitoring. Some facilities even offer 24 hour access for an additional cost.

If you are going away for college, consider the benefits of using a rental storage unit to save money and hassle on having to carry all your stuff back and forth. Even if you’re far away from home and home sick, don’t worry you will get used to the freedom college has to offer. After all you’ll have some of your stuff to remind you of home.

Find College Storage Near You

Give our storage experts a call. Our call center is available 7 days a week and can help determine which storage unit size best fits your unique storage situation. You can also reserve or move into your storage unit over the phone or online. All without having to hassle with long term contracts. Come see the Storage Rentals of America difference!

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