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Vehicle Storage

What is vehicle parking or self-storage?

We all have toys that we use to escape from the day to day grind. Sometimes it is hard keeping our toys at our homes. Space or HOA rules force us find a place to park our RV, boat or special car.

Vehicle parking and storage is often characterized by ease of access. There’s no point in parking your boat, RV, car or camper 15, 20 or more miles away. This makes it very inconvenient to use your boat or RV and adds significantly to costs and time when traveling to get the vehicle to use it, service it or maintain it.

Think about it!

The answer is to select a storage facility to park your boat, camper, trailer or special car in safe and secure location close to your home or office. Storage Rentals of America has a strong network of facilities in Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Delaware and South Carolina. This means that, depending on your requirements, you will be able to access your vehicle quite easily by selecting a storage facility that is within easy reach of your home. Other storage providers might be cheaper but they could be much further away, in which case, you have to consider the cheaper storage costs versus the expensive of having to travel further and the time it will take you to get there and back.

Why choose Storage Rentals of America for your vehicle?

Storing your RV, boat, trailer or car with us leaves your driveway and front yard clear for your every-day family vehicles

It’s safe, secure, local and convenient giving you peace of mind that your boat or RV is safely locked away
We have a large range of facilities and can accommodate most kinds and sizes of vehicle, so you’ll never have very far to drive to access your vehicle!

As an established business, we have a wide range of facilities around in Kentucky, Ohio, Delaware, South Carolina and Florida area so it’s likely that you will be able to choose a facility at a very affordable price that’s perfect for you. Boat storage or RV storage that is right around the corner.


  • We offer superior protection from the elements for your vehicle
  • Convenient move in and move out and access

How do I go about renting a storage space for my vehicle?

Vehicle storage options are dedicated spaces that differ depending on the size and type of vehicle. For smaller boats and cars, you can choose an enclosed storage unit. For larger RV’s and boats up to 30 feet long our outside parking is the right fit.

Best advice:

  • Please contact us [link] to discuss your specific vehicle requirements so we can advise you on what we recommend for you.


  • Uncovered – this is the least expensive as it is an open area
  • Indoor unit – this is an enclosed unit with a lockable door (best for smaller vehicles)

Tips for choosing the best vehicle storage option:

If you are only looking for short-term storage, you will save money by opting for an outdoor storage space.

Check out our storage facilities that provide vehicle storage: