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Jet Ski Self Storage Facility

We Make Storing Your Jet Ski Easy!

Free Up Your Garage in the Winter

Cruising around on a jet ski is fun but storing it during the cold and winter months is must. All of our storage locations offer superior protection form the elements. All of our storage locations are safe, secure, clean, and convenient. With all that and more we provide our customers with peace of mind when they’re looking for short or long term storage. You can reserve your storage online for free for 7 days. No deposit or credit card required!

Recommended Storage Unit Size for Jet Skis

Many trailers are less than 20 feet, so a 10×20 unit is perfect for storing your jet ski. You’ll also have extra room to store your gear as well. Some people consider renting a 10×10 storage unit but it will be a very tight fit. To make sure you’re selecting the appropriately sized storage unit, we highly recommend you take a minute to measure your trailer.

Preparing Your Jet Ski For Storage

Your Jet Ski needs special care when putting it into storage. Use this checklist to make sure it’s ready for the water.

  1. Drain the Engine: This step needs to be done before coming to the storage facility. While you’re on on the loading dock, tilt the PWC up so the back of your Jet Ski is lower than the front. Turn it on and rev the engine a couple of times to force any excess water out of the engine. Do NOT run the engine any longer than 30 seconds to prevent the engine from over heating.
  2. Clean the Exterior: Soap it up, rinse it down, and dry it off. You may want to add a coat of wax. Make sure it’s completely dry to prevent rust.
  3. Add a Fuel Stabilizer: Fuel has a shelf life of about 3 to 4 months so make sure you add a fuel stabilizer to make it last longer.
  4. Disconnect the Battery: Batteries will lose their charge when kept plugged in and in storage. You may also consider hooking it to a battery tender. A battery tender uses very little juice to keep the battery charged. Don’t forget to remove it from your machine after you take it out of storage.
  5. Change the Oil: Water may have entered the line so be sure to change the filter and oil to protect your engine from rust.
  6. Inflate Trailer Tires: For extended storage periods, inflate the trailer’s tires to prevent them from becoming flat on one side.
  7. Cover Your Jet Ski: Protect your Jet Ski from dust, dirt, and the elements by placing a cotton cover over it. Avoid plastics due to moisture build up.
  8. Update Insurance: When it comes to insurance be sure that your coverage is updated to include Storage Rentals of America as the storage location.

Your Worry-Free Jet Ski Storage Solutions

The benefits of storing your jet ski with Storage Rentals of America include:

  • Clean, well-lit, and affordable storage units of all sizes to accommodate any storage needs from a motorcycle to a large RV and keep them in a protected interior space.
  • Short or long-term storage is available with great discounts for those looking for seasonal or temporary storage solution.
  • We know that peace of mind is important that’s why all our locations are safe and secure with electronic gate access and 24/7 video monitoring.
  • Convenient self-storage locations in Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, and South Carolina.

What Documentation is Required?

You’ll need to bring in three documents when you come in and rent with us. A government issued ID like a driver’s license or passport, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. Check with your insurance provider to see if your policy covers storing your jet ski in long term storage and bring in a copy.

Rent Your Parking Space Today!

For more information or to reserve your storage unit, visit one of our convenient storage locations or give us a call at 1 (800) 457-5678.