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Trailer Self Storage Facility

We Make Storing Your Trailer Easy!

Free up Your Driveway

Whether you’re storing your recreational, horse, or utility trailer, we have a storage solution for you. Free up your driveway or garage for your everyday vehicle. Our storage facilities are safe, secure, clean, and convenient while offering protection from the elements. With all of this and more we’re providing you peace of mind that your trailer safe and secure for short or long term storage.

Protecting Your Hitch Trailer For Storage

For all types of hitch trailers, make sure you perform the following maintenance before placing it in long term storage.

  1. Clean Your Trailer: A clean trailer is a happy trailer. After you wash your trailer, make sure it is dry to prevent rust.
  2. Grease and Lubricate: Make sure you grease and lubricate any moving parts to ensure it will roll smoothly after storage.
  3. Inflate Tires: Inflate tires to their appropriate PSI.
  4. Utilize Blocks: Jack up your wheels or place your trailer on blocks to protect the tires from warping.
  5. Update Insurance: When it comes to Boat insurance be sure that your coverage is updated to include Storage Rentals of America as the storage location.

Worry-Free Storage Solutions

The benefits of storing your trailer with Storage Rentals of America include:

  • Clean, well-lit, and affordable storage units of all sizes to accommodate your storage need safely and securely.
  • We offer flexible lease terms perfect for seasonal or temporary storage. Check out our special online only offers offered on many different units.
  • Storage facilities are guarded by high-level security that includes electronic gates and 24/7 video monitoring.
  • Store your trailer in one of our many convenient locations in Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, and South Carolina.

What Documentation is Required?

You’ll need to bring in three documents when you come in and rent with us. A government issued ID like a driver’s license or passport, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. Check with your insurance provider to see if your policy covers storing your trailer in long term storage and bring in a copy.

Rent Your Parking Space Today!

For more information or to reserve your storage unit, visit one of our convenient storage locations or give us a call at 1 (800) 457-5678.