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Wine Storage – Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, FL

Wine Storage – Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, FL

Our wine lockers offer the best provenance for your wine collection. Wine continues to develop long after it has been bottled – temperature, humidity and lighting (particularly sunlight) – can affect how wine matures – it’s smell and taste depends on how it is made and also on more importantly how it is stored. Unlike most wine storage facilities where you can see inside the wine storage lockers ours are completely private and more importantly they are dark. No one can see inside your wine storage locker without the security code. This protects your wine from the light but also gives you more security and privacy.

50 years of experience!

With over 50 years’ experience in operating storage units, you can rest assured that your wines are in the best possible care. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities and personal expertise ensures that your wines are ready to enjoy in peak condition, whether you want to enjoy your wine next week or next year. Your wines are stored in our wine lockers which have been designed to maintain perfect conditions.
Our wine storage facilities make it simple for you to trade or sell stock

Choosing Storage Rentals of America to store your fine wine collection means that if you sell your wines later, you get the added benefit of knowing that they have the best possible chance of attracting the highest price at auction with such an impeccable provenance, making it simple for you to trade or sell stock.

For insurance purposes (and enjoyment of our wine, of course) you need to know that:

Wines stored with us means that you will get the best quote for your insurance, as:

  • Our wine lockers are very secure; each unit is protected with an alarm and accessed only by using an individual key code
  • Wines stored with us are kept in the best possible condition in a climate controlled environment at a constant 55 degrees
  • Our storage units are dark internally, protecting the contents against sun damage, and are maintained at constant temperature, protecting them against changes in humidity
  • Our disaster recovery plan means that our back-up generators will kick in, should there be a disruption in power supply for any reason

Our wine storage units are perfect for:

  • Wine collectors who don’t want to maintain a cellar
  • Wine enthusiasts who don’t have room at home
  • Temporary wine storage when catering for a large function
  • A storage overflow for the hospitality industry, bars and restaurants
  • Fine wines that have been inherited or when buying wine as an investment over the longer-term

Benefits of choosing Storage Rentals of America for your wine storage needs:

  • Emergency back-up power generator
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Completely private no cage inside a cage
  • A variety of sizes for storage from a few cases in a mini-storage unit up to large consignments
  • Short or long-term contracts
  • Secure conditions for insurance purposes
  • Easily accessible wine storage units, located on located just South of Okeechobee Blvd. on Clare Avenue in West Palm Beach.

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