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Storage Rentals of America – Franklin

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About Our Location

Franklin, KY Storage Units

Storage Rentals of America in Franklin, KY offers clean, bright and secure storage units in Franklin. Our courteous customer service team can help you find storage no matter your needs. All of our storage locations have plenty of storage options, from mini storage units that are 5×5 to larger 10×30 storage units. Need help? Our customer service is available by phone, 7 days a week to help with any questions you have. We can help you select the right sized unit for your storage needs and even move you into your storage unit. Don’t want to be locked into long term contracts? We offer flexible month to month storage leases, so you can rent as long as you’d like.

We offer move-in specials, extended gate hours, and superior customer service. Whether you’re seeking storage for your home, business, relocation, personal needs, a military or college move, our storage experts are available by phone 7 days a week to help with any questions you have. Storage Rentals of America Franklin serves the Franklin as well as Bowling Green and Mitchellville, White House and Portland north of the Nashville area.

Unit Features

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units
  • Indoor Storage Units
  • Ground Floor Units
  • Drive Up Storage Units
  • Moving Supplies and Boxes for Sale
  • Locks Available for Purchase


  • Auto Storage
  • RV Storage
  • Boat Storage
  • Trailer Storage


  • Electronic Gate Access
  • Drive Up Access

Security Features

  • Well Lit Facility
  • Fully Fenced Facility
  • Video Surveillance


  • Pay Online (Auto Pay Available)
  • Month-to-Month Leases
  • Tenant Insurance Available
  • No Deposit Required

Frequently Asked Storage Questions

Why Would I Need Self-Storage in Franklin, KY?

There are a variety of reasons why you might need self-storage in Franklin, KY.

  1. Downsizing your living space or maybe you just need a little extra room for your things.
  2. Getting married soon? Some of your favorite furniture and items don’t fit in your new home.
  3. Run a home-based business? You may need a place to store merchandise or equipment.
  4. Looking for a long term storage solution for your company? Self-storage is a great solution for all of your extra merchandise.
  5. Need room in your garage? Self-storage is the perfect solution to store your car, RV, boat, or any recreational vehicle.

How Do I Prepare My Recreational Vehicle for Storage?

While we recommend that you check your manufacturer’s instructions we put together some quick vehicle preparation guides. We want to make sure your vehicle runs as smooth as it did when you first put it into storage.

Do I Need to Call Ahead to Tour Storage Units?

While you do not need to call ahead, we recommend calling so we can better assist your unique situation when you arrive. Our team is eager to help!

Can I Rent a Storage Unit in Person or on the Telephone?

We make renting your unit online as simple as possible, however, we would be happy to reserve your storage unit over the phone.

Does Storage Rentals of America Provide Locks?

You can purchase a brand new, sealed lock at any of our storage facilities. No one else will have a key so you can have peace of mind that your unit is secure.

How Long Can I Rent a Storage Unit?

As long as you like! We offer month to month leases with no long-term commitments. We want to make the rental process as easy as possible.

Can I Buy Boxes and Other Moving & Packing Supplies?

Many of our offices have moving and packing supplies available for purchase. Call us to confirm availability.

What is the Difference Between Climate Controlled Units and Drive Up Storage Units?

Climate controlled units are kept between 55 and 85 degrees depending on the time of year to protect your valuables against harsh temperatures. Many drive up units allow you to drive your car up to your storage unit for easy loading and unloading.

What are the Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Climate controlled units are great for protecting items of great monetary or sentimental value. Our units are kept above 55 degrees during the cooler months and below 85 degrees during warmer months.

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About Franklin, Kentucky

Franklin, Kentucky, is a small rural community on the northern edge of the Nashville metropolitan area. Although the social and economic life of the city aligns with Nashville, Franklin has its own compelling character. The area partakes in all the advantages that Kentucky life has to offer while still offering easy access to some of America’s great cities. Franklin is the seat of Simpson County and enjoys remarkable natural resources, abundant natural beauty, compelling local character, and some truly fascinating local history. The last census found Franklin to have 8.408 permanent residents.

What to do in Franklin, KY

Most large organized activities center around Nashville, which lies about a half hour to the south. However, there are several enjoyable activities in Franklin and the surrounding county. Nature hikes are great fun in and around the Jim Roberts Community Park, the West Fork of Drake’s Creek, and down the historically significant Sinking Creek. Antique shopping and collecting are common activities around here, with September’s 31W Treasure Hunt event bringing visitors to the city from all over the globe. There are the Kentucky Downs, a remarkable racetrack with an international reputation and an amazing past.

The Octagon Hall, which sits on the northern edge of town, offers attractions to two major groups. During the day, it is a museum that explores the important Civil War history of the area. However, it is also rumored to be one of the most haunted places in America. At night, thrill seekers and lovers of the paranormal have been known to visit it frequently. Finally, Franklin was also the site of the Mantell UFO Incident, one of the events that triggered the first UFO craze of the 1940s. As such, it is something of a tourist attraction to a certain type of visitor.

Working in Franklin, KY

31W, a major Kentucky artery that stretches all the way from Nashville to Louisville, runs through the center of town. An industrial park on the north side of town provides several jobs in the skilled trades, as do the large number of farms around the community. The Kentucky Downs employ a large number of people in the area, and the ancillary services related to the horse industry offer a connection to a lucrative international marketplace. There are also several jobs at the eight local schools, the local government, the police department, and all their related facilities. Those who seek employment outside of Franklin itself usually make the short commute to Nashville to take advantage of that metropolis’s enormous opportunities.

Franklin, KY. Neighborhoods

Franklin’s location on the border means that residents have long taken advantage of the benefits of both Kentucky and Tennessee. Kentucky may be known for a better education system and lighter business tax regimen, but you can buy fireworks in Tennessee all year around. Things like that are extremely well known to the resident of Franklin. Because of the border orientation of the city, the vast majority of neighborhoods cluster around the main artery to Nashville, 31W. Small neighborhoods like Turnertown and Middleton face each other across the crossroads in the center of town, and a large part of the community lives in the tiny villages and large farms in surrounding Simpson County. Beyond details of taxation and utility bills, Franklin maintains very little separation between itself and Simpson County.

Franklin, KY. School District

There are four public elementary schools that serve Franklin and the surrounding Simpson County; Franklin, Lincoln, Simpson, and Franklin Mennonite Elementary School. Franklin-Simpson Middle School and Franklin-Simpson High School complete the highly successful Simpson County public education system, graduating approximately 250 students every year and consistently maintaining high marks both academically and athletically. There is also a Baptist Academy for students age K-12 and an alternative school known as West Campus. Although there are no institutions of higher learning in Franklin itself, both Kentucky and Tennessee maintain extensive collegiate facilities in the immediate vicinity. The University of Tennessee has one of its flagship institutions in Nashville, in addition to all the other smaller schools in the city, and the Western Kentucky University sits an hour to the north in Bowling Green.

Moving to Franklin, KY. Resource Guide

  • Utilities: Inhabitants of Franklin will use the Franklin Municipal Utility system for water, sewage, sanitation, and garbage disposal. Their electricity, and possibly their internet, will come from the Franklin Electric Plant Board.
  • City Government: For the Franklin government.
  • Parks and Recreation: The Franklin-Simpson County Parks and Recreation department maintains a Facebook page to inform the public of upcoming events and to communicate with the populace.

Housing in Franklin, KY.

The median rent in Franklin is about $900 a month, but as it is a rural area with a stable population, there is wide variance on unit-to-unit basis. Homes are selling on an average of about $50,000, and the price has been trending downward. Cost of living is extraordinarily low in Franklin; some surveys say as much as 15% below the national average. This area is extremely livable and surprisingly lovable, and Franklin is a unique city in a wide variety of ways. In a state full of interesting places with lots of personality, Franklin still stands out. For example, the county sits atop one of the significant deviations between the Kentucky and the Tennessee border, where the edge of Kentucky dips south a few miles to accommodate an area that is now home to a racetrack.

The Kentucky Downs, one of the best-regarded thoroughbred racetracks in the nation, occupies this unusual site because of some amazing history. In the early 19th century Nashville was the home to a large amount of political intrigue, and they settled political arguments with duels in those days. As dueling was technically illegal in Tennessee, a small portion of land was ceded to Kentucky so that the governors and legislators of the day could shoot at each other in full compliance with the law. Although Kentucky outlawed dueling in 1891, something of that wild spirit still clings to this land. Beyond the aforementioned duels, horse races, ghosts and UFOs, perhaps Franklin’s single greatest contribution to American popular culture came on May 1st, 1968, when Johnny Carter and June Carter Cash were joined in holy matrimony in a church in this city. This wedding, whose importance cannot be overestimated two lovers of American music or American culture, was by all accounts a lovely affair. The union of the wild spirit of rock and roll to the favorite daughter of the American folk tradition had long-lasting ramifications, both to our music and to our society, and Franklin was pleased to play host to this major event. For these and many reasons more, Franklin is an affable, interesting, and affordable place to live.