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About Our Location

Hager Hill, KY Storage Units

We’re conveniently located on KY State Route 825, right next to the Collista Freewill Baptist Church and west of downtown Hager Hill. We serve the communities of Hager Hill, Paintsville, Prestonsburg, Van Lear, and others with clean storage units!

Our customer service team can help you find storage no matter your needs. All of our storage locations have plenty of storage options, from mini storage units that are 5×5 to larger 10×30 storage units.

Unit Features

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units
  • Drive Up Storage Units
  • Ground Floor Units
  • Dollies and Carts Available


  • Electronic Gate Access
  • Drive-Up Access

Security Features

  • Well Lit Facility
  • Fully Fenced Facility
  • Video Surveillance


  • Pay Online (Auto Pay Available)
  • Month-to-Month Leases
  • Tenant Insurance Available
  • No Deposit Required

Frequently Asked Storage Questions

Why Would I Need Self-Storage in Hager Hill, KY?

There are a variety of reasons why you might need self-storage in Hager Hill, KY.

  1. Need some extra space or maybe you’re downsizing to a smaller home.
  2. Are you getting married soon? Figure out which furniture and items will look best in your new home.
  3. Run a business? Self storage is a great place to store equipment, merchandise, or files.
  4. Looking for a long term storage solution for your company? Self-storage is a great cost effective solution.

How Do I Prepare My Vehicle for Storage?

While we recommend that you check your manufacturer’s instructions we put together some quick vehicle preparation guides. We want to make sure your vehicle runs as smooth as it did when you first put it into storage.

Do I Need to Call Ahead to Tour Storage Units?

While you do not need to call ahead, we recommend calling so we can better assist your unique storage situation when you arrive. Our team is eager to help!

Can I Rent a Storage Unit in Person or on the Telephone?

In person, over the phone, or online! We want to make renting a storage unit as easy as possible.

Does Storage Rentals of America Provide Locks?

You can purchase a brand new lock at any of our storage facilities. No one else will have a key except you so you can have peace of mind that your storage unit is secure.

Does your Storage Facility Have Handcarts or Dollies that I Can Use?

Many of our locations have handcarts or dollies. Call us to confirm availability.

How Long Can I Rent a Storage Unit?

As long as you like! We offer month to month leases with no long-term commitments to make the rental process as easy as possible.

What is the Difference Between Climate Controlled Units and Drive Up Storage Units?

Climate controlled units are kept between 55 and 85 degrees to protect your valuables against harsh temperatures. Many drive up units allow you to drive your car up to your storage unit for easy loading and unloading.

What are the Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Climate controlled units are great for protecting items of great monetary or sentimental value as they are kept between 55 and 85 degrees. In addition to this, less dust and dirt that get into interior units.

Moving and storage go hand in hand. Whether you’re traveling across town or across the country, moving is an exciting and fresh start. While Storage Rentals of America is here to help you with all your storage needs, we also want to help you get familiar with the area. That’s why we put together this resource guide for Hager Hill

About Hager Hill, Kentucky

Hager Hill is a micro community in the heart of the eastern hills of Kentucky. The majority of the community is located above a bend of the Levisa Fork, a significant tributary of the Big Sandy River. About 1,780 people call Hager Hill their home. KY-321 moves through the city, as does the railroad, and the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway passes nearby. This town, the pride of Johnson County, is nestled deep in the mountains and valleys of Kentucky’s coal country. The population here is dispersed and primarily rural in nature. The coal industry that represented the high-water mark of human activity in this region has long gone, and the region has been expanding successfully into other endeavors. Private industry, especially custom parts fabrication, has come to represent a large part of the economy of this hard-working town.

What to do in Hager Hill, KY.

The Jenny Wiley State Resort Park lies upstream on the Levisa Fork, just southeast of Hager Hill as the crow flies. This park is remarkable even in an area as well known for its natural beauty as this one. If one travels in the other direction on the river, the Paintsville Golf Course sits slightly downstream. This charming golf course has an international reputation. As Paintsville lies less than a mile from Hager Hill and Prestonburg is only two miles in the other direction, it is common for residents of this area to range slightly in search of recreation. There are also a number of excellent opportunities for educational entertainment with children. The Kentucky Apple Festival happens in the first weekend of October, delighting the entire Levisa Fork valley with delicious recipes and family fun.

Working in Hager Hill, KY.

The Atlantic India Rubber Company has its factory in Hager Hill. This company has more than ninety years of industry experience in the fabrication of custom rubber products, especially rubber tubing, and it remains one of the leading employers in the city. Other private industrial employers such as that one makes up about 3,700 of the 5,800 jobs in the county. Transportation makes up the lion’s share of the remaining jobs, with education rounding out the top three. It is common to commute to work when living in Hager Hill, although the distance of the commute can vary widely. Some people disperse through Johnson County and the surrounding precincts, while others travel as far as Lexington every working day.

Hager Hill, KY. Neighborhoods

Hager Hill is much too small to have many distinct neighborhoods, but the small community of West Van Lear constitutes the area near the southern post office, which is the closest thing to a downtown. The bend of the Levisa Fork that creates the town site also cuts the city off from the eastern bank, and the tiny farm areas of Blockhouse Bottoms and Cow Pen Hollow lie across the bridge to the south.

Hager Hill, KY. School District

Hager Hill possesses an unusual number of schools for a town of its size. Porter Elementary School serves the younger children of the area, and they usually go on to attend high school or other institutions in nearby Paintsville. There is also a franchise of the Piarist School, a chain of college preparatory schools maintained by the Roman Catholic Church in Eastern Kentucky. The Piarist School takes children from grades 7 to 12 and provides them with a tuition-free education. Finally, the Hager Hill Campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College is located in the industrial area slightly to the south of town. Many young people from the area attend nearby colleges and institutions in Pikeville, Morehead, Hazard, and Huntington, WV.

Moving to Hager Hill, KY. Resource Guide

Utilites: Water, gas, and wastewater services are provided by Paintsville Utilities. Septic systems and other self-contained sanitation are not uncommon in his area. Electric power comes from the Big Sandy Rural Electric Cooperative.

City Government: Hager Hill is generally administered under the Johnson County government. The Johnson County Clerk can be reached here, while the Johnson County Sheriff can be contacted here.

Parks and Recreation: Although Hager Hill maintains no parks and recreation page of its own, nearby Paintsville organizes its activities and the page for the Paintsville Lake is also of interest.

Hager Hill, KY. Housing

The splendor and endless productivity of the natural world are the strongest reasons to move to Hager Hill. The city has the distinction in being one of the least populated and accessible areas of eastern Kentucky, an area not known for a large population. The county seat of Johnson County only has 4,200 residents, and the entire region has much fewer than a hundred people residing in the average square mile. People have plenty of space to spread out without running into their neighbors, and that culture of natural life, privacy, and individualism can be very enticing to a certain type of soul. The median household income is about $27,000 dollars a year, but cost of living is extraordinarily low, and the self-reliant citizens of the area make money go a long way. This is an excellent place to settle for people with consistent earnings from online or freelance sources, as the landscape is ideal for those wishing to raise a family and the low cost of living multiplies the value of their money. The median property value in this area is about $127,000, and this represents both the large parcel size that is common around here and the excellent quality of a lot of the historical construction in eastern Kentucky. Overall Hager Hill is about as far up the mountain as one can get in America, it is the perfect home for the right sort of person. There are good reasons why eastern Kentucky is so fiercely beloved by those who live there, and all it takes is one look at the creeks and the hollers to find out for sure.

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